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Le Cochonnet

Le COCHONИeT Pizza & a Drink Offer – Just £14

The Le COCHONИeT weekday pizza offer is available Monday – Thursday 3-6pm

Pizza Margherita with 2 toppings

Toppings Include: Olives, Peppers, Courgette, Anchovies Field Mushrooms, Capers, Burford Brown Egg, Red Onion, Spinach, Aubergine, Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon, Jalepeño Chillis, Pesto and Cumberland Sausage.

Pizza Margherita with 1 topping

Toppings Include: Chicken, York Ham, Goat’s Cheese, Buffala Mozzarella, Taleggio D Gorgonzola, Tuna, Rocket, Artichoke, Organic Beef Bolognese, Mixed Wild Mushrooms, Fresh Porcini, N’Duja, Spianatta Piccante, Prosciutto, Chorizo and Pepperoni.

Your Choice of Drink

Drinks Include: Glass of House White or Red 175ml, San Miguel, Peroni, Becks non alcoholic, Stella and Soda / Juice.

Please Note: This offer is available for guests dinning at the restaurant only.

Le Cochonnet Offer

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